Anubis is a company that has undergone many quality tests before releasing products to the market.

The highest quality components used to create Anubis products guarantee satisfactory results.

Anubis products are created with an innovative autoclaving method, which is why they are painless. Anubis bases its injections on the most expensive and sterile MCT oil, which does not cause allergies.

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Anubis is a company whose main goal is to take care of customers. By using our offer, you can be sure that each agent is examined and tested. Our company is distinguished by quality, which is why we take care of every detail.

AAS injection products

SAA injectable products are based on MCT oil, which is non-allergenic. We use the highest quality autoclave, which cleans the agents from harmful substances.

The device uses hermeticity, high pressure and steam to get rid of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. Thanks to this, we get a 100% sterile product ready for use.

The glass used in the production of Anubis SAA has laboratory approvals.


Oral agents are made of purified raw material that is free of heavy metals. In addition, the filler used is gentle on the stomach and does not irritate the intestinal lining.

The capsules used in the production of Anubis oral agents are of pharmaceutical quality, which are used in the production of the most expensive drugs in the world.


Growth hormone in the form of liquid is based on high purity recombinant human GH1 combined with the N-terminal His tag, which was produced in Escherichia coli cells. It is very bioavailable, thanks to which it is easily converted into IGF-1 in our body.

What is worth noting, its ready form of administration does not affect the life of the product. The product is usable for many months even after opening. The sterilizing components used do not harm the user in any way and allow the product to remain sterile until the very end.