Like many anabolic steroids, Deca Durabolin has the ability to increase protein synthesis, inhibit glucocorticoid hormones, and promote increased IGF-1 production. Like many anabolic steroids, Deca Durabolin also has the ability to increase muscle nitrogen retention, but it seems to have a stronger effect than many steroids in this regard. In fact, research has shown that even low doses of nandrolone can significantly increase nitrogen retention. This is an important factor since all muscle tissue is approximately 16% nitrogen. While this may sound like a small amount, the more we retain, the more anabolic we remain. When nitrogen levels are not maintained, it can cause you to enter a catabolic state (muscle wasting).

Deca Durabolin Profile:

•(Nandrolone Base + Decanoate Ester)
• Molecular Weight (Basic): 274.4022
• Molecular weight (ester): 172.2668
• Formula (base): C18 H26 O2
• Formula (ester): C10 H20 O2
•Melting point (base): 122-124C
• Melting point (ester): 31 – 32 C
• Release date (USA): 1962
• Effective dose (men): 200-1000 mg/week
• Effective dose (women): 50-100 mg/week
• Half-life: 6 days
• Detection time: up to 18 months
•Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 125:37


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