Symptoms of low testosterone:
Loss of libido (may refer to partial or complete loss)

• Erectile dysfunction (inability to keep or get an erection)
• Loss of muscle mass (despite diet and exercise)
• Loss of strength (despite diet and exercise)
• Increased body fat (despite diet and exercise)
• Loss of mental clarity
• Decreased ability to concentrate
•Reduced energy
• Weakened immune system

If you suffer from low testosterone, the effects of Testosterone Enanthate simply mean that you will no longer suffer from low testosterone. The symptoms associated with this disease will disappear and each of these areas of your life will improve. If you suffer from low testosterone, you should also know that the only thing that will fully correct the condition is direct testosterone therapy with hormones such as Testosterone Enanthate. For the performance enhancing athlete, the effects of Testosterone Enanthate will be very versatile and will extend to all aspects of performance. Which direction you go will depend on your diet and training. This is not a bulking steroid or a cutting steroid; it is simply a steroid that can serve all purposes of supplementation.

Testosterone Enanthate Profile:

• Testosterone base + Enanthate ester
• Molecular weight: 412.6112
• Molecular Weight (Basic): 288,429
• Molecular weight (ester): 130.1864
• Formula (base): C19 H28 O2
• Formula (ester): C7 H12 O
•Melting point (base): 155
• Effective dose (men): 200-2000 mg weekly
•Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
• Half-life: 4-5 days
• Detection time: 3 months
•Anabolic/androgenic ratio: 100/100.


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