If we had to sum up Tren in one word, the positive effects would be “amazing!” This steroid can be used in cutting and bulking cycles with great effectiveness, but it is the cutting phase that may win out in terms of overall benefits.

The direct functions and characteristics of Tren are similar to many anabolic steroids. However, in the case of Tren, they are simply strengthened and more effective. You can take the same function or trait in another steroid and while Tren can do the same thing, it will just do it better.

Tren functions and features include:

• Increased rate of protein synthesis: refers to the rate at which cells build proteins, the building blocks of muscle tissue.
• Increased Nitrogen Retention: Greater retention increases anabolism and less retention leads to catabolism. This is because all lean muscle tissue is made up of nitrogen, around 16%.
• Increased levels of IGF-1: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a hormone naturally produced by the body that is extremely anabolic and affects almost every area of ​​the human body. It is essential for growth and recovery, not only for our muscles, but also for our tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and even the central nervous system and lungs. When it comes to promoting IGF-1, it is not only important that there are few steroids that can match what Tren can do for IGF-1.
• Increased number of red blood cells: Red blood cells carry oxygen through the blood. Increased levels result in greater muscular endurance. This will also improve recovery.
• Glucocorticoid inhibition: Glucocorticoids or stress hormones are essential to our health and well-being, but they also destroy muscle tissue and promote fat gain. Tren can ensure that these hormones do not become dominant and that we remain in a state of muscle building and fat reduction.
• Increased nutrient absorption: This may be the most important and valuable feature of the Tren hormone. Sometimes referred to as “nutrient efficiency” is what makes the hormone so effective. Food is the most important element of any plan; the way we eat will determine the direction we go. However, the body can only use each nutrient to a certain extent. With the introduction of Tren into the body, each nutrient is used to a greater extent, it becomes more efficient. Our established food intake may not have changed, but we get more in return. Every gram of protein, fat and carbohydrates becomes more valuable.


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